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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fitz 50 game

Had a pretty disastrous night, so the less said about it the better! Was totally card dead for the entire night, and only played 4 proper hands. Sat for the first hour and literally couldn't make a move. Any time I would try and limp it would be raised. I trebled through in the first hand I made a move so I wasn't feeling to bad at the break.

But the terrible run of cards continued on through and forced me into making a terrible call of 3/4 of my stack with top pair. I lost on the kicker and was down to about 5BB and kicking myself. I then got blinded down to about 3BB and was looking for ANYTHING to push on. Then along came the Queens! Called an all-in an wasn't too happy about seeing I was up against A4, knowing my past history... On cue out came an ace on the flop, but a miracle Q on the turn doubled me up to about 2700 with blinds at 400/800.

Got moved table then and we were down to about 16 from about 60 starting. Blinds jumped up again to 500/1000 and I had to make a move, as I was down to just 1200 after the blinds going by me and getting raised holding 23 and 35. Picked up A4 and insta-pushed. Got two callers and with an A 4 10 flop I thought I could actually make a comback from 1BB! with about 4K in the middle the two others checked the flop. An 8 came on the turn and one of them bet a few grand to get rid of the other player.

I flip over my two pair, and he announces hes dead to an 8 flipping over J8..... river 8. Ah well, shit happens! I had a pretty terrible tourney and even without that bad beat I would have been well below average.

ANYWAY, I'm on my way out the door and throw my last fiver on roulette, RED obviously! Up comes red and I'm on a tenner. Fcuk it lets go RED again! Up comes red and I'm up to a score. Right one last time RED again. YESSS! Lovely 40 quid! Anyway I go to cash out and realise theres a 50 Holde-em cash game. Now I've only played the cash game in the fitz (or anywhere other than online for that matter) 3 times before, and although I made a big profit all three times, I still wouldn't consider myself 'experienced' by any means! But what the hey, I only started with a fiver! But I need fifty and I only gots 40...... tenner on RED...thank you!

So I sit down at the cash game, planning on playing super tight. I won't bore you with the details but I only played a few hands in 4 hours, only playing the nuts, and managed to leave with 250 quid in my pocket! I could get used to this! 250 quid from a fiver..........

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Just been 'advised' to buy "Zen and the Art of Poker"..... Don't worry lads, I will, I will.... I need to get me some of that inner peace... goddammit

Monday, November 28, 2005

Bye Bye Online

Ahhhhhh............. the relief!

Finally after one final boot in the balls, my pokerstars account reads $0.00. At last, I'm finished with the waste of time that is online poker.

I'll keep my account open in case theres any WSOP qualifiers or boards tourneys I want to play, but I won't be playing casually anymore.
I don't know whether its the year long run of sickeningly horrible beats, or the fact that I seem to be surrounded by IDIOTS at every table I sit down at (I'm convinced they are following me!)...... either way I'm sick of moaning about my horrible, horrible luck at online (as i'm sure everyone else here is too!). When you are losing 90% of the pots you go into ahead, and losing on aces 9 TIMES IN A ROW :eek: :eek: , I think its time to throw in the towel... Its just unnatural to lose that many pots mainly due to bad luck. Ive tried every single thing to try and overcome bad beats and bad play and.... it ain't worth it

Good luck of the rest of you. Goodnight Irene

Fitz 270 report

Almost could have been a great night....

Started off the day well, winning one of the two tickets in the freeroll before the big game. Was playing well and totally dominated the last table, holding over 80% of the chips when we got down to 4 people. Sold the ticket for €220 and took a break before the big game.

Got landed at a tough starting table, with Eamon and Willow to name a few! I built up a huge stack from robbing blinds and constantly re-raising when I felt the raiser had nothing. Only lost one hand before the break and was one of the chip leaders at the break with about 21K, from a starting stack of 5K.Got this up to about 30K by playing tight aggressive and constantly stealing..... and then Dave (Big Dragon) comes and sits to my right. Neither of us played much until he decided to push with A4s. He had about 7K, and knowing our past history I didn't want to push without aces or kings. I look down to see KK, and before calling say 'please dave, don't get lucky?' Well did he listen? Noooooo! He hits me with an ace on the river and instead of being on 37K I'm sitting on 23K. Ah well I could afford to take the hit.... never mind. Don't want to TIILLTT!!

Down to three tables, I'm still at about 20K, and get AA. These dutifully get cracked by JJ on the river and I'm down to 10K. I soon double up against John O' Callaghan when he pushes with 10 9 and I call with AJd. It holds up and a few steals and I'm soon up to about 30K. I knock out a shortstack with AK vs AQ and I'm up to about 38K. Down to about 15 people at this stage so I've made the money anyway (€350). But the proper money doesn't start till about 5th place, about €1400. I think 10th got €500.

Anyway down to 13, playing 6 handed, and I get QQ mid position. Blinds are 2K/4K, with a few callers so I raise it up to 15K. Another guy raises it all - in for about 30K. Now I could have folded here and still be left with about 22K, but this lad had been doing the same with any low pair and any good ace, so I thought I was probably ahead. Also the pot would be massive and I probably be the tournament chip leader if I won, with a great chance to win the €8,000 top prize. So I called. He flipped over AK and it was race time.

The pot was over 60K and I was leading up until the river... when another disgusting fcuking ace pops out....AGAIN. First Dave now this.... This left me with about 5K and regretting making the call in the first place. But I was playing to win and that pot would have put me in a great position with about 70K.I went out a few hands later when I was forced in for my last 5K on the big blind. Didn't even look at my cards, and even had a few callers, almost 20K in the pot. All I had to beat in the end as A high, flipped my cards...78. Goodnight.

Admittedly the Queens hand was not that bad a beat and I could have gotten away from it, but what a time to fcuking lose, and on the fcuking river again! Aggghhhhh! It was the difference from winning €350 (€80 profit!) and probably a few grand.

I thought I played the best poker I could play last night but again, as always, luck was the dciding factor. I only went all-in twice the entire night, BOTH when i was ahead. I built my stack entirely by re-raising when I thought the others were bluffing, and by stealing. I went into EVERY showdown ahead (except when I tried to knock out a shortstack with A7 vs AQ). The 3 biggest pots I played all night I lost ALL of them, ALL when I was ahead, and ALL of them on the river.... I cannot look at rivers anymore. Everytime I'm in a big hand and I'm ahad, when it comes to the river I'm nearly having a fcuking heart attack! I might just walk away from the table in future, I just can't stand watching anymore!If it wasn't for these hands, I would be writing here today about how I just won a few grand... Ah well.

Thought I was gonna be walking away with 4K again, but alas, it wasn't to be.......


So I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and start up a blog... I'm sure the regular posters on boards.ie have become sick of my bad beat stories by this stage so I've decided to confine them to here! Anyway here's the latest news from my poker 'adventures'!

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